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Top 10 Remodeling Regrets | San Clemente

Top 10 Remodeling Regrets | San Clemente

Top 10 Remodeling Regrets | San Clemente

Avoid These Top 10 Remodeling Regrets

We’ve seen it all! Over our many years of experience, we’ve learned how to help clients achieve the perfect remodel. If you’re gearing up for a big remodel project make sure avoid these 10 top remodeling mistakes.

1. Going DIY to Save Money

Think you can watch a few YouTube videos and learn how to properly install flooring? There is a time and place for DIY projects; however, a major remodeling project is better left to the pros! You may save a few dollars by installing the kitchen floor yourself, but you want to make sure it’s done right the first time and done efficiently. What might take you 10 hours will take a professional 3 hours and their job will last longer. 

2. Not Working as a Team

If you’re tackling a remodeling project as a couple, it’s important to lay the foundation of good teamwork. Who is in charge of what? What’s the process if there’s a bump in the road? This is crucial if you do end up going DIY or working with a professional. You need to make sure it’s clear how you will work together to make sure the project gets done right. 

3. Forgoing a Documented Plan and Project Scope

Having a detailed, documented plan for your remodel project with the scope outlined will help you and your professional team stay on the same page and allow for better communication. 

4. Under Budgeting and Hoping for the Best

It’s an amazing feeling when a project comes in under budget. And under-budget projects do happen sometimes! However, under budgeting with that hope and then having to go over is not a good feeling. Make sure you create a budget with up to 20% stretch built in to avoid going over and being able to get exactly what you want. 

5. Not Developing a Set Budget

Two budget regrets back-to-back! Create a detailed budget plan for every piece of the remodeling project. Feel like overkill? By having every item broken down and in the budget, you have a clear view of costs. If one item ends up costing much more than expected you can go back to the budget to look for areas to save. 

6. Not Maximizing Your Floor Plan

Do not underestimate the importance of a great floor plan! You want one that will serve your family’s needs and will increase the value of your home. Make sure your floor plan is exactly what you want, and is one that maximizes your home before you even begin the project. 

7. Not Researching Materials Better

Many homeowners regret going with the super trendy countertop or splurging on an item where they could have gotten better value with a different one. Research materials, and research them well! What’s the best quality, value, and will live up to the test of time? Make a detailed list and talk with your contractor.

8. Choosing the Cheapest Contractor Quote

You receive three quotes from local contractors, so you choose the cheapest one, right? Wrong! Cheaper may not be the best option. Don’t let the dollars fool you. Choose the contractor you like, has the best communication, glowing reviews, and understands your vision. Saving a few dollars on a major kitchen remodel isn’t worth it if you don’t get the kitchen you truly wanted. 

9. Learn the Lingo or Find the Right Images

Not sure if your style is craftsman or traditional – find images to ensure you are describing exactly what you are looking for. Take some time to research and familiarize yourself with the proper terms for the style, look, and finishes you want. This will help you accurately describe the style when working with your contractor.

10. Not Finding a Design-Build Firm That Aligns With Your Vision

Again, it goes back to finding the right team for your project! Not necessarily the cheapest, but the team you can trust and that truly cares about helping you achieve your dream remodel project. You don’t want to suffer through the process or regret anything. 

Trust the Team at Opulent Design-Build

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