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Timeless Styles for Your Orange County Home

Timeless Styles For Your Orange County Home

There is no better place to live than Orange County, in the heart of sunny southern California. Featuring stunning landscapes, elegant architecture, and incredible style, there are few places that match its beauty. However, with fashions changing all the time, you may find it hard to keep your home up to date.

An outdated style or obsolete features can not only leave your home less comfortable or attractive but also result in a reduced appeal for potential buyers, driving your home value down. So, if you are looking to redecorate or revamp your home, look no further! We will take a look at a few timeless styles that can bring the look of the coast inside.

Take Advantage of Coastal Colors

Coastal colors are a great choice for an Orange County home. Colors such as green, pale blue, coral, and sandy beige can bring the feel of the ocean and shoreline into your home, making it a peaceful and relaxing place to be. You could choose one of these colors for an accent wall and some of the others for curtains and other accessories. Artwork that includes these colors would also add to a beach or ocean theme.

Make Use of Herringbone Design Elements

Adding herringbone design elements also adds to the coastal theme, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. It can be used for wallpaper, tile, flooring, or decorative items and create a sense of movement while still looking elegant.

Vintage Is Always in Style

Place some vintage pieces in your rooms for a timeless character. These pieces could be antiques or just have that vintage look. Antique stores, thrift stores, online marketplaces, and yard sales are good places to shop, and you might even have some fun hunting them down. You can complement these items with some modern pieces to give your room balance.

Embrace Warm Neutral Styles

Colors like white and pale blue or green are great for a bright, airy look, but the current trend favors warm neutral colors such as brown, coral, and yellow. But this doesn’t mean you need to leave blue and white out of your design. You can create a timeless style by adding some warmer colors to your cooler colors to help create a cozy, inviting atmosphere, such as with a dark wood table and chairs or throw pillows in a warm neutral color.

Integrate Handmade Design Features

There is no style more timeless than handmade elements. Handmade items are appealing because people enjoy having a unique room rather than the same thing everyone else has. Some people choose a handmade rug, a handmade furniture piece, or a décor item. Whatever you choose, it can help give your room a special feel. You could also customize other parts of your house, such as a fireplace, windows, lighting, and more. It really depends on the look you want.

Use Elegant Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is a vital part of your overall design. Whether you choose pendant lights, flush mount ceiling lights, chandeliers, lamps, or other lights, it is more than just an accent piece—it illuminates the rest of your décor. It is important to choose lighting that fits your theme while helping to accentuate your design.

Natural inspirations work well for coastal areas like Orange County. Lighting made from natural materials such as wood is popular, along with lighting designed with patterns from nature, such as water. This is another way to bring a bit of the outdoors indoors, which again works well in a beautiful area like Orange County.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Orange County is a beautiful area, which makes it tempting to bring some of this beauty inside with you, and there are many ways to do this. One of the easiest ways is to have large windows that provide a great view of the outdoors. You can also use stone or wood in your home to give it a more natural look. Additionally, patios or decks can allow you to enjoy the outdoors while still being home.

Embrace Comfortable Outdoor Spaces

Orange County has a great climate, and you probably want to take advantage of it. You can do this by making your decks, patios, or other outdoor living spaces pleasant places to be. Add lots of plants, good lighting, and comfortable chairs to rest in on your decks and patios. This can give you an outdoor space that you, your family, and your friends will enjoy spending time in throughout the year.


Orange County is a great place to live, and whether you are looking to upgrade or completely revamp your home, we have explored several timeless styles you can use to guarantee your space never goes out of date. So, make sure to closely examine your home’s current features and design, and consider whether any of these tips can be integrated into your own space. Then you can get started bringing these timeless styles into your home. For help with designing, building, or remodeling your home, make sure to contact a name you can trust, such as Opulent Design-Build. We are a trusted and experienced one-stop design company that can help with every remodeling project to turn your house into your dream home.  Let’s get started on your timeless dream home.

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