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5 remodeling tips to see a higher ROI for your Dana Point home

Not every remodel is worth your time and energy, especially when it comes to Dana Point custom home builds. If you’re considering listing your home among homes for sale in Dana Point and you know you need updates, it can be tempting to throw money at the home and hope for the best. That isn’t a good way to ever actually get anything back, though.
Renovations are tricky, and what buyers want now isn’t the same as a few years ago. Before you invest a ton of time and money into a renovation that isn’t financially worth it, read this. According to Opulent Design Build, these are the five best renovations you can do right now that will bring you a return on your investment in the long run when it comes to your Dana Point real estate – and how you can decide where to stop.

Painting the interior

This is the smallest and easiest “remodel” you can do. In fact, it’s so easy it hardly even counts as a remodel. However, this is one of the simplest ways to not only get your return on investment but boost the value of your Dana Point real estate.
Buyers want to be able to picture themselves living in a property while they walk through homes for sale in Dana Point. They should be able to envision themselves sitting on the couch or entertaining in the backyard. Bright, jarring wall colors, poorly painted walls, or outdated styles are all going to deter your potential buyers.
Choose paint colors that are neutral but engaging, like gray or cream. Avoid polarizing colors or something very bright. You want to appeal to the most people. Be sure to hire a professional or be very confident in your painting skills since buyers looking at homes for sale in Dana Point are going to have certain expectations that include a wall free of drips or smears.

Outdoor areas sell Dana Point real estate

People live in California for any number of reasons, and it’s not always just the weather. However, the beautiful blue skies and sunny days certainly help. This advice won’t apply to you if you’re in a condo, but if you’re listing your single-family home among the other homes for sale in Dana Point, make sure you pay close attention to your landscaping and backyard.
A back patio is essential if you have a room. A pool is a huge financial investment in your Dana Point real estate and a ton of time. Redoing your patio, though, is a smaller investment in both time and money and will get you a beautiful, functional outdoor space quickly. Consider a canopy or sunshade for the hotter summer days and even an outdoor fireplace or kitchen. People want to be able to spend time outside, and your investment in your backyard is going to help set your Dana Point real estate apart from others on the market.

Consider curb appeal

Don’t stop at your backyard, though. There are countless articles about how important your curb appeal is for your home. One joint study from the University of Alabama and the University of Texas at Arlington said homes with a better curb appeal sold for an average of 7% more than comparable homes for an unappealing exterior.
If you’re going to put money into your home with the hopes of getting more out of it, curb appeal is important. Clean up your flower beds, or put in new ones. Water the grass or lay down sod in your Dana Point real estate, depending on the space. A fresh coat of exterior paint can make your home look brand new and stand out among other homes for sale in Dana Point down the street or around the corner from yours.
Other small but important things to keep in mind when thinking of curb appeal? House numbers in the home-appropriate style and color, your mailbox condition, and the color and condition of your front door. Small fixes when you take each one in stride, but big changes overall. These relatively small renovations will get you a big return on your investment.

Minor kitchen updates

Unless your Dana Point real estate is from the 1960s or 1970s and hasn’t been touched, there’s a good chance a full kitchen renovation is not going to get you even close to your investment back, let alone make you money. If the kitchen in your home is perfectly fine structurally, you’re essentially just wasting time and resources gutting it.
What is worth it, though, are minor updates and changes. Consider swapping out a light fixture that hangs over the island or updating the backsplash to something more modern that fits the home. These aren’t major remodels. Even painting your kitchen cabinets a new color is relatively easy for the right professional. These are ‘baby’ remodels that can be done in an afternoon or a weekend at most. Small quality-of-life upgrades like these will add a ton of value to your kitchen and help buyers feel like they are walking into a brand-new kitchen.
It is good to note, though, that if your Dana Point real estate is exceptionally dated or the kitchen does not function, a full renovation is almost certainly worth your time! Not every home needs it, but some are stuck in the 1980s and absolutely need it.

Minor bathroom updates

Just like the kitchen, think about what minor bathroom updates you can do before you list among homes for sale in Dana Point. As long as your bathroom layout makes sense and everything is structurally sound, little upgrades will go a long way. You want your buyers to feel like they are walking into a spa or resort when they step into the bathroom, and every change you make should be with that in mind.
A vanity swap is an easy weekend project. Updating the paint, or even the tile, can go a long way to refreshing a tired or worn bathroom. The master bath is the most important, so take extra time here, but every bathroom should be touched to ensure the home has cohesion.

Considering listing your Dana Beach real estate?

Are you here because you’re considering listing your home among the other homes for sale in Dana Point, but you’re not entirely sure what buyers are valuing these days? If that’s the case, reach out to Opulent Design Build. Located in Orange County, Opulent Design Build specializes in custom builds and renovations for Dana Beach real estate and the surrounding area. The team knows what buyers want, and it understands how to give you great value to enjoy from your home now and invest in the home itself to get the most return in the long run. Give the team a call today, and see how it can help you take your home to the next level.
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