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To Build or Buy? 5 Advantages to Building Your Own Home

To Build or Buy? 5 Advantages to Building Your Own Home

If you are considering a relocation to Newport Coast Real Estate, no doubt you have already been busily scouring video tours and MLS listings on the internet. Perhaps you have even visited and toured some houses in the hopes of finding a perfect new home for your family. Are you finding that while several houses have potential that could be adapted for your family’s needs, none of them are quite what you were looking for?

With the current costs and demands for residential real estate, the last thing you want to do is compromise and settle for a “decent” home in which you just learn to tolerate the less-than-satisfactory design and features. Home is too important for that! As the hub of your family’s life, and the space in which you live, work, play, and celebrate, a home you love and serves your family well is vital.

If these sentiments are resonating with you, perhaps it is time to stop trying to compromise and adapt to buying someone else’s dream home and build one of your own. Consider the many benefits of building your own home.

1. Tailored to your family’s lifestyle

When you build a custom home, you have tremendous freedom to choose where this house will be built, the floor plan and layout, the space of those oh-so-important closets, and special rooms that best suit your family’s lifestyle. Do you need an office with room for a conference table to work from home? Would you like an extra-large dining room to accommodate all of your extended family at holiday gatherings? Whatever your ideal home, Opulent Design-Build prioritizes the family’s desires and needs as they work with you to create custom-designed homes perfect for your lifestyle. Eddie Hodges and his experienced team of designers and builders will guide you through every step of the process. They will invest the time needed to get to know you and your requirements, tweaking the home design and building process until you are fully satisfied with your new residence.

2. Peace of mind

Your Opulent Design Build home will be the newest residence among Newport Coast Real Estate, and that can provide you tremendous peace of mind. As you are involved in the process of selecting every fixture, every feature, and every appliance in your new home, you won’t have to wonder about their quality or condition. As you will be involved in the process from concept to completion, you will be able to see for yourself exactly how each part of your home fits together. There will be no hidden damage, no undisclosed repair needs to surprise you six months or a year after moving in. Also, with a brand new home, you are spared the maintenance repairs that older homes require. Imagine how fantastic your relocation experience will be if you know that you have years ahead of you before your home will be in need of any maintenance repairs.

You can also rest easy in the home-building process with a well-planned and detailed contract for your custom home. In discussing the fees, materials costs, and conditions associated with each assigned cost, you won’t be caught off guard with unexpected expenses as your home nears completion.

3. Latest in technology, trends, and environmental design

Design trends for homes are rapidly changing, and this isn’t simply a matter of color palettes or variations in floor plans. New homes feature advanced technologies, such as AI screening capabilities to maximize energy efficiency and remote entertainment and climate controls. Your home can have leak detection sensors and fully remote security systems, providing protection and saving you thousands of dollars (and quite a few headaches.)

New homes are also designed to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. From equipping your home to utilize alternative energy sources to selecting energy-efficient appliances, your custom-built home can offer all the best features home ownership offers-  environmentally friendly features accompanied by outstanding modern conveniences.

4. No bidding war, no home-shopping frenzy

You’ve no doubt heard about the intense competition involved in buying the relatively scarce number of homes available for purchase. Over the last two years, record-setting prices and a rapid turnaround in sales of existing houses could only be described as a real estate frenzy. Buyers have found themselves in the difficult and stressful position of having to bid on houses with offers far above the listing price. They have had to rush into decisions with limited information, often after only seeing a home virtually, and all of this for just the chance to purchase a home at all.

By choosing to build your own home instead, you are spared from buyer’s remorse, saddled with a hyper-inflated mortgage for a property that isn’t really what you thought it would be. Once you have purchased your piece of Newport Coast real estate, all of your energy can be shifted into selecting the home’s design features and watching the progress of your dream home taking shape. What a weight off of your mind to be free of bidding wars without settling or compromising.

5. Pride of ownership

Just as no two families are alike, so too will your home be a one-of-a-kind reflection of your family and your lifestyle. Knowing that you were a part of the creation of the space will provide you with a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Every penny you spend on your Newport Coast real estate helps to set the stage for the life your family wants to live and provides a place to retreat and relax at the end of your day, or a gathering place for dinner parties and social events, just as you have designed your home to be.

The right builder for the job

When you are ready to build your new home, don’t settle for anything less than an award-winning team of home-building experts. Opulent Design-Build has been creating beautiful custom homes in Orange County, California for over 20 years. Contact them today to get started on your own custom home design.

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