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7 Romantic Dinner Date Spots in San Clemente

7 Romantic Dinner Date Spots in San Clemente

7 Romantic Dinner Date Spots in San Clemente

There’s nothing more important in a relationship than taking the time out of our busy schedules to connect. It’s the start of the romance, the first flickers of desire. As time goes on, date nights keep that flame alive. The better you tend to it, the hotter it burns.

Make those flickers of desire burn brighter than ever with a night out at any of these seven romantic San Clemente restaurants. Stare lovingly into your partner’s eyes as you envelop the senses in an exploration of flavor and sounds. Discover new secrets, and reminisce about old ones. There’s nothing more important to a relationship than taking these moments for each other.

Iva Lee’s

For a fun night out with a bit of excitement and a lot of flavors, take your date to Iva Lee’s Restaurant and Lounge. The aromatic scents of Cajun and Creole food waft from the kitchen, spicing the air. Moody red lighting wraps around you, beckoning your eyes from the table to the stage ahead. Most nights of the week, you’ll find yourself moving to the beat of the melodic riffs of local artists.

Allow the rhythm of the music to set the pace for the evening, for the space to move you along. Don’t forget to savor the incredible flavors of jambalaya, catfish, and beignets. You’ll wonder if you’re still in San Clemente or have been transported down to New Orleans. Iva Lee’s manages intimacy and excitement, delicious food, and incredible entertainment in the perfect spot for a thrilling date.


Vine’s rustic Mediterranean style perfectly suits the name. Imagine it weaving through a vineyard with red tile roofs and smooth white facades. The image isn’t too far off from this beautiful little spot. True to the Mediterranean style, the inside space seamlessly moves to a large outdoor dining area where you can breathe fresh air while sipping earthy wines.

Everything at Vine is carefully curated, from the flavors on your plate to the pairs in your glass. For an extra special date night treat, book the chef’s table. Enjoy the romance and intimacy of the night while watching the chef expertly prepare the food. Everything arrives in beautifully plated dishes displaying an array of colors amongst your food.

Fig @ 313

Fig @ 313 has the edgy exclusive feel of a new hip diner in LA with the refined laid-back vibes of San Clemente. You’ll discover dynamic culinary confessions assured to impress any date sharing the dishes with you. They serve contemporary American fares with a nod toward European cuisine — not surprising when taking in the decor.

As you come upon Fig @ 313, you’re no longer on a cement sidewalk but instead strolling along an almost Mediterranean path of large red square tiles. Wine barrels flank the space, with elegant greenery sprawling forth from them. A stone facade covers the building, and the outdoor seating uses rustic live edge chairs. A crackling firepit beacons you towards its warmth and glow. Inside, star-checkered tile floors meet small wood tables invoking French cafes of the past.


Rocco’s is the perfect romantic destination for an intimate date with a new or old partner. Enjoy incredible food with specialty cocktails. They’re devoted to food with a simplicity to its decadence. You don’t want to miss their dessert. Throughout your meal, incredible flavors will invigorate your tastebuds using only a few ingredients. Rocco’s received the Diner’s Choice award in 2018 for the way they refine tastes.

The intimate setting is perfect for quiet conversations while sipping your wine. Don’t worry about feeling crowded here. They maintain fewer tables to allow each guest to enjoy their own experiences. It’s a place built for romance with warm glowing candles surrounding you.

The Cellar

The Cellar is an American eatery and wine bar with an impressive bar that begs guests to enjoy a drink. You’ll find an extensive wine selection, a plethora of microbrews, and a selection of incredible cheese to nibble on. You don’t even have to have your date at The Cellar to enjoy its selection. Skip the restaurant and grab a fine array of cheese and the right wines for pairing before a picnic on the beach. If you stay for dinner, you may still stock up for a picnic in the morning.

The Cellar’s laid-back vibe creates comfort amongst the upscale finishings. The menu is full of new twists on classic flavors promising to take your senses on an exploration. Whether you come for dinner or brunch, your date will swoon as their taste buds alight with flavor.

Brick Restaurant

Impress your date with your consciousness and refined taste with a night out at Brick Restaurant. They use local, sustainable ingredients to create healthy, feel-good meals. When it comes to a conscientious meal, Brick is the best of San Clemente restaurants to fit the bill.

Their brick-oven pies feel the space with the rustic scent of burning wood and tantalizing flavors of melting cheese. Cozy wood accents with brick walls and geometric metal light fixtures frame the romantic setting. It’s industrial meets rustic, healthy meets indulgence, and most importantly, romantic meets comfort. Sip on wine, enjoy the great ambiance, and remember there’s never a dull moment at Brick.

Beachfire Bar and Grill

Beachfire Bar and Grill is eclectic and artistic, and if your date hasn’t eaten here before, they’ll thank you for the introduction. It’s the kind of place everyone should be in the know about for its unique style and flair. The romance here isn’t from the soft glow of a candle. It’s in the opportunity to experience new things together. At Beachfire, you get to enjoy a gallery of art in various forms while indulging in delicious flavors.

The bar centers around a round staircase and a stained glass chandelier made from found materials that hang from the two-story ceiling. Works of local artists adorn wood walls accented in corrugated metal. In a cozy nook of the bar, you’ll find a stone-covered fireplace. This place was New Windowbuilt on design, and a night here will show your date you have vibes. Give them a peek.

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