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New California Housing Laws | Orange County

New California Housing Laws | Orange County

What You Need to Know About California’s New Housing Laws

The California legislature passed new housing laws that went into effect in 2020 that mean some big changes for homeowners. 

As your Orange County Design Build Firm, we want to be a resource on these new changes and what they mean for your future plans. While many changes went into effect, the biggest change for our clients is the new accessory dwelling units (ADUs) rules. 
ADUs are attached or detached smaller dwellings that homeowners love to build on their property. ADUs are sometimes called in-law apartments or granny flats. Many California homeowners who wanted ADUs weren’t able to before the legislature, but things have changed! Learn what these changes are and how they may affect your future plans. 

California Homeowners Have More ADU Options 

One of the biggest housing law changes is the expansion of ADU options for homeowners! This is great news for California homeowners who’ve been wanting to build an ADU, but was stuck because of old laws. Learn the three new California ADU Laws and what this could mean for you.
Increases the various categories of ADUs that will meet city approval. For example, if you wanted to build a detached ADUs on your property, you have more size options. This bill also prohibits any property limits pertaining to coverage. Another bonus of this bill is that ADU permits with existing structures must be approved or denied within 60 days. No more long waits!
Now there are more options for your ADU! You can build a detached or attached structure or renovate your garage into an ADU, and more.

2. New WindowAssembly Bill 881

This one is BIG. This bill removes any minimum lot-size, and those pesky owner-occupancy requirements. The maximum requirement for an ADU is less than 850 sq ft or 1,000 sq ft if you’re adding a bedroom, so now you have more options.  
Meaning if you wanted an ADU before and couldn’t because of your lot size, the rules may have changed for you!

3. New WindowSenate Bill 13

Owner-occupancy requirements be gone! You used to have to occupy the property for five years and this bill removes that entirely. You can start building your dream ADU immediately if you want. 
If you’ve been waiting to start your ADU project, the wait is over!

Let’s Build Your Dream ADU!

The wait is over! Our firm of top Orange County home builders would be happy to help you create, design, and build the ADU you’ve always wanted. We’d love to start a conversation with you about how we can achieve your dreams. We work with projects that start from the ground up all the way to home remodels. Tell us what you’re looking to create. 
Send us a message to start the conversation or give us a call at Click To Call949-340-0915.
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