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How Much it Really Costs to Build a Custom Home in Newport Beach

Building your own custom home, designed to your tastes, is a dream many people hold tight to themselves. Many Newport Beach houses are nice as they are, of course, but being able to design a home from the ground up, and having all the finishing touches be just what you dreamed, is completely different from remodeling an existing property. But, you may be worried about how much a custom luxury home would cost.
Some people think that building a custom home is outrageously expensive. Luxury home builders in Newport Beach are in high demand, and it might seem like a dream that truly is out of reach. The truth is, though, your custom home design can be made to fit your budget and your needs, whatever those may be. If you want a huge home with two living areas and a massive chef’s kitchen, that can be designed. If you value a big master suite with luxury finishes, that also can be arranged. Good luxury home builders in Newport Beach can work with you to nail down your ideas and set you up for success.
These are the major steps in the home building process and how much custom Newport Beach houses might end up costing you.

Land first

The biggest obstacle you’re going to come across isn’t finding luxury home builders in Newport Beach that can suit your needs, it’s finding the land to build on in the first place. The vast majority of Newport Beach is already developed land, so there is a good chance that you’re going to buy an existing structure.
There are two ways you can go about the process. If you already have a plot of land in mind, you can move forward with that. Or, you can reach out to luxury home builders in Newport Beach and see if they can work with you to find a great piece of property. The builder can help you determine what to look for in an existing piece of land or point you towards Newport Beach houses that are teardowns but have the existing foundational footprint to work with. A realtor may also be required.
Once you’ve purchased the land, a crew will need to come in and take down the home or property and clear the land. Once the land is prepped, you can get started in talks with luxury home builders in Newport Beach that are able to work with you. Newport Beach homes are fairly unique, and it’s a competitive market, so using an out-of-town general contractor to handle the build is usually a mistake. Someone who knows the area and the crew that works around here is going to be a huge benefit.

Custom-built homes vs. ‘personalized’ construction

There’s a big difference between a custom-built home and a personalized construction home. When you have a home custom-built for you, it’s made just for you. Your finishes, your layout, your design, everything. A personalized construction is basically an existing shell. You get zero input on the major structural elements and instead simply pick the minor finishings, such as flooring color or cabinet pulls. Often, you only get to choose between a few designs.

Newport Beach houses don’t have a lot of personalized customization, but it does exist, especially in new-build apartments or townhouses. A true custom home is going to have a total cost between 25-50% more than personalized construction. When you think about it, though, it makes a lot of sense.

In personalized construction, there is no meeting with an architect, no structural concerns, nothing. The plans already exist, and it’s simply throwing a home up as quickly as possible and moving on to the next one. With luxury home builders in Newport Beach that specialize in custom builds, you meet with an architect, finalize custom plans made to your specifications, and everything is to specification. From the floor plan to the plumbing fixtures, everything will be as you want it. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about it.

Price per square foot varies

Because a custom-built home is specific to your specifications, the price per square foot is going to vary based on many factors. The size of your home, and the additional construction for the foundation, are a big added expense.
In California as a whole, the average cost to build a home is just under $400,000. When it comes to luxury home builders in Newport Coast, you can expect that price to be higher – Newport Coast houses are more expensive to begin with, and when you add custom touches and a professional architect into the mix, obviously, the price will go up.
The average price for a luxury build in California is just under $450/square foot. Depending on the finishes that you want, the size of the home, and the additional construction to any foundation you may need, that number may be higher or lower.

The style of home matters, too

One final thing to consider is the style of home you want. Newport Coast houses often are either California Ranch style or a Mediterranean style, but that isn’t a hard and fast rule. If you really love a contemporary-style home with clean lines and simple forms, that is something you could build. If you have your heart set on a mid-century modern style, well, who can blame you?
A more traditionally-California design may be cheaper than an off-the-wall or unusual style. A standard custom build in a Victorian style can start at $300/square foot, just because of the intricate details and small touches. However, the cost per square foot can vary considerably depending on what you want. For instance, a California Ranch style can start much lower since it is one floor instead of two and is a little more common overall.
Talk with luxury home builders in Newport Coast to get a feel for not only the style you want but the architectural style they are most comfortable designing. If you choose a company known for contemporary or modern homes to create an intricate Victorian home, you may end up disappointed in the final product.

Choose wisely

Newport Coast houses are a big investment, so make sure you choose the company you allow to build your new home carefully. This is likely going to be the home you spend much of the rest of your life in, and having the little details perfect the first time simply makes sense. A sub-par builder or one that does not specialize in luxury custom builds will be far more hassle than they’re worth.

Find a Newport Beach, CA custom home builder

When you’re ready to take the next steps and start talking with custom home builders in Newport Coast, reach out to Opulent Design Build. With over 20 years of experience custom-building and renovating luxury Newport Coast houses, they have the experience and team to help you from start to finish. From finding a style and layout that works for you to getting permits, such as a building permit and any other permits needed, to laying a foundation and putting those final touches on, they can make your custom dream home a reality.
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