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Remodeling Your Home in San Juan Capistrano? Use These Local Resources

Remodeling your home is not an easy task and will likely overlook a lot of nuances that can cost you time and money. You will have building permits to contend with, contractors, sub-contractors, and a cast of other characters who all play a role in your remodeling project. Plus, you’ll need someone to ensure the projects go smoothly and stay within budget. If you’re remodeling your home in San Juan Capistrano, you need to know some local resources to help you get the job done, so you don’t have to go at it alone.

Where to start

Before you begin any remodeling project, you need to have a solid plan and an even more solid budget. Remodeling your home will quickly spiral out of control without a good plan. Unforeseen costs can sneak up on you, and, before you know it, you’re over budget without completing the remodel the way you had envisioned it.
A project manager can help you oversee the fine details and ensure that everything goes smoothly. However, you will need to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with your remodel. Before you can begin to seek the help of professionals, you must know what you want your desired outcome to be. Going into a remodel blind will cost you precious time and bring with it a few headaches along the way.

Green remodeling

Not every remodeling involves extensive changes to the entire house, such as redoing the bathroom or tearing out the kitchen. You might be interested in overhauling your home’s entire HVAC system. Although there isn’t one industry standard as to what constitutes green construction or green building practices, that seems to be changing, and there are some features that green construction has in common.
The U.S. Green Building Council has its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED certification. According to the council’s website, it is the “most widely used green building rating system in the world.”
If your project incorporates even a few of the following green practices into the plan, then you’re well on your way to a green remodel:
  • Reusing existing structures instead of constructing new ones. If you can repurpose something, rather than building or purchasing something new, you can save not only money, but also resources and materials.
  • Consider using salvaged materials rather than brand new ones. Using salvaged materials doesn’t mean you’re compromising on quality, and you’re giving new life to something that would otherwise be discarded.
  • Recycle as much of the remodel’s waste as possible. The remodeling process often generates a lot of waste. If you can reduce or recycle much of this waste, you’re on the green path.
  • Choose materials with low or zero toxicity. Toxic emissions can lurk in places you aren’t expecting to find them. Things like carpet, paint, or even cabinetry and other finishes can have varying toxicity levels. Going green isn’t only good for the environment; it can also positively impact your health.
  • Look to use sustainably sourced and harvested materials, such as bamboo flooring or wood products from certified sustainable sources. Also, try to use locally sourced materials whenever possible, as well. Reducing how far your materials have to travel to get to the project site is good for the environment and good for your budget.

Tour showrooms

If you’re planning on a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you should visit a few local San Juan Capistrano showrooms to gather ideas. It can be challenging to explain to your Homecontractor or builder what you’re looking for, but if you visit a few showrooms, then you’re able to give specific names or even item numbers of precisely what you like — so there is zero guesswork involved. Showrooms also give you a chance to touch and try things such as opening and closing cabinet doors, seeing what the flooring looks like in person, or determining if you really like a particular bathroom fixture you saw online or not. Here are a few local showrooms in San Juan Capistrano where you can get some inspiration up close and personal.
  • Fine Faucets Kitchen & Bath Showcase is a showroom located on Alipaz Street in San Juan Capistrano, where you can look at decorative plumbing, whirlpools, showers, and more. You can consult with someone here to help you price and determine what you’re looking for. Before you go, contact the showroom to arrange an appointment.
  • Locations Pacific Sales Kitchen & Home San Juan Capistrano, located on Calle Perfecto in San Juan Capistrano, is a leading purveyor of appliances, kitchen, bath fixtures, and outdoor living products. Pacific Sales has an extensive catalog to choose from, and a visit here is sure to inspire you for your upcoming remodel.
  • New WindowCalifornia Patio is a family-owned and operated outdoor furniture showroom located on Calle Perfecto in San Juan Capistrano. A home remodel isn’t always about what you do to the inside of your home — at California Patio, you can test various furniture that will extend your living space well beyond the walls of your home.

A splash of color

Few things are as important in a complete home remodel as your choice of color scheme. Colors set the tone for your remodeling project and can make or break your remodel. Once you know which colors you intend to use, the rest of your project should come together seamlessly. Everything from the furniture you select to the types of appliances you would like in your new space is predicated on the color palette. Fortunately, you can stop by a paint store to obtain samples, match colors, and receive expert advice on the best paint for your home.
One such place is Locations New WindowVista Paint, located on Plaza Drive in San Juan Capistrano. At Vista Paint, you can speak with professionals to help you explore your options. Also, environmentally conscious homeowners will be pleased to know that in 2020 Vista Paint installed solar panels on the roof of its Fullerton manufacturing facility, providing enough solar energy to offset all electrical usage at the plant — which allows Vista Paint to have a zero carbon footprint.

Interior decorators

You may need the assistance of an interior decorator to tie all the elements of your remodeling project together. Interior decorators and designers help you decide the outcome of your remodel. They can help you look for and select appliances, furniture, fixtures, color schemes, and more. Interior designers will collect your ideas and personal tastes and make everything a cohesive expression of your goal; it’s easy to become overwhelmed with your remodel’s various details.
An interior decorator will guide you every step of the way for the remodel you’ve always dreamed of. Although hiring an interior designer may not be entirely necessary, having a professional by your side to serve as a springboard for your ideas will likely save you time and money in the long run. An interior decorator is invaluable to the home remodel process with established relationships with local vendors.

Hiring a professional home renovation team

With such a large undertaking as a complete remodel, are you sure that you want to go at it alone? Hiring a professional New Windowhome renovation team makes the entire process run smoothly. Your design and build firm can assist you with every step of your remodel, from design and engineering to submitting building permit applications with the city. You’ll receive a detailed scope of the work to be done, you’ll be able to stay within your budget easily, and you’ll have someone managing all aspects of the remodel for you.
At Opulent Design Build, you’ll have a team of contractors, project managers, designers, and engineers ready to help you at any stage of the remodeling process. With more than 20 years years of experience in real estate development, Opulent Design Build CEO and owner Eddie Hodges has managed and overseen hundreds of projects from minor remodels to large, multi-million dollar custom home designs. His team at Opulent Design Build provides homeowners with a one-stop design and renovation solution with many varied fields of expertise under its belt. As premier home builders in San Juan Capistrano, you can trust your project will be handled professionally, promptly, and within your particular budget.
Take your remodeling plans from idea to reality and New Windowcontact Opulent Design Build today to schedule a no-cost consultation to get started.
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