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Crafting Your Kitchen with the Right Appliances

Crafting Your Kitchen with the Right Appliances

If you are like most people, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so it’s important that it looks and feels comfortable. An important part of a comfortable and appealing kitchen is the appliances. Appliances should not only fit in with your kitchen’s décor but also provide excellent functionality and be sturdy enough to last for years.

The right appliance is always worth the investment. For example, a great refrigerator can help save money by keeping food fresh for longer, guaranteeing the ingredients inside are still good when you need them. Plus, with the right cooktop, range, or oven, you can save time cooking recipes and help ensure meals come out perfect every time. Finally, a meal can only look as good as the dishware it is presented on, and the right dishwasher can help you make sure they are clean whenever they are needed.

So, now you know why having the right appliances is crucial, but not all appliance brands can offer excellent service while giving you thousands of design options. So, to help you find appliances that will be just right for your custom kitchen, here is some information about Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances.


A bold choice for hard-working kitchens, Pro Series combines striking form and superior function to ensure the freshest food.

Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Sub-Zero refrigerators are not your typical refrigerators. These fridges not only offer a vast number of design choices but also have features that most do not. Sub-Zero has three refrigerator series with different looks and features.

  • Classic Series: This series has the iconic grille that refrigerators have had for over 60 years. Beyond that, it has been totally redesigned with many new features, such as LED lighting that covers the whole interior, even the crisper drawers. These refrigerators also have a split climate intelligent cooling system, as well as stainless steel accents on the interior and exterior.
  • Designer Series: The refrigerators in the Designer series have all the features of those in the Classic series, but they are hidden behind fully integrated panels. This series also allows you to customize the exterior however you want.
  • Pro Series: This line has a professional look with stainless steel inside and out and a UV-resistant glass door. It also has dual refrigeration and advanced temperature control. Dual refrigeration keeps food in the refrigerator cool and moist so that it will keep longer while at the same time keeping food in the freezer cold and dry to prevent freezer burn. It will also keep the inside temperature of the refrigerator within one degree of what you set.

These refrigerators also have many other features, such as night mode to lower the brightness in dim light, air purification to help keep food fresher, and adjustable door shelves, among others. The air purification feature is quite good and can save a lot of money by keeping food fresh longer. It works by removing ethylene and odors from the air inside.

Wolf Ranges, Ovens, and Cooktops

Whether you want a range, an oven, or a cooktop, Wolf has one that will meet your needs. They have a wide variety of options that allow you to cook like a chef while meeting your design needs. Here are some of your options for ranges, ovens, and cooktops.


Wolf has dual-fuel ranges, induction ranges, and gas ranges. Each has its own advantages. It’s really a matter of preference. Here are some of their features.

  • Dual-Fuel Ranges: These ranges come in widths of 30 and 36 inches, or if you want two ovens, 48 and 60. They also have dual-stacked sealed gas burners and ten different chef modes, including a gourmet mode. The ranges also have very accurate temperature control, as well as a convection system that helps keep the temperature in the oven consistent. This means you won’t have to worry as much about hot and cold spots. The range top is also customizable and can be used as a griddle, French top, or charbroiler.
  • Induction Ranges: Wolf’s induction ranges offer the incredible responsiveness, heat transfer, and cooking speeds associated with induction technology, sealed beneath a ceramic glass cooktop combined with a Dual VertiFlow™ convection electric oven that offers ten chef-tested modes. These induction ranges come in both 30″ and 36″
  • Gas Ranges: Wolf also offers top-of-the-line gas ranges that feature the brand’s trusted advanced cooking technology. With dual-stacked sealed burners, griddle and charbroiler options, and a powerful gas oven, these ranges offer an incredible range of options with the power and dependability associated with gas-powered ranges. These ranges come in 30″ and 36″ widths.


Whether you choose dual fuel, induction, or gas, there’s a Wolf Range for you.  Each promises precise heat control on the cooktop, reliable convection cooking in the oven, striking aesthetics, and unmatched durability.

Wolf Built-In Convection Ovens

Wolf offers a range of ovens that offer diverse yet consistently amazing cooking technology. Wolf’s ovens are built in and use convection technology to offer fast and reliable results. These state-of-the-art convection systems are combined with special cooking modes tested by chefs. These ovens come in 24″ and 30″ widths with three available types:

  • Convection: Wolf’s convection ovens use advanced technology powered by dual fans to circulate hot air.
  • Convection Steam: These ovens use convection heating with a steam element to offer an amazing range of flexibility and greater cooking speed than traditional ovens, all while retaining the food’s natural moisture.
  • Convection Speed: These ovens combine convection and microwave technology into one compact package. By combining these two technologies into one appliance, these ovens offer unprecedented power and speed, as well as added convenience for smaller spaces.

Cove Dishwashers

Cove dishwashers offer not only style and luxury but also truly unparalleled utility. Dishes can only be as clean as the water used to wash them, and four-stage filtration ensures that water is pure and fresh. Premium construction materials and advanced sensors that detect soil ensure dependable operation and efficient running cycles that guarantee dishes come out spotless every time. Plus, with more than 23 pounds of insulation, it is nearly impossible to hear if these units are running, so there is no risk of annoying you, your family, or guests with loud run cycles.

A kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.


Kitchens are truly the center of life in many homes, and the appliances you use help guarantee the time spent is fun and efficient. The right kitchen appliances can help save time on preparing meals while also helping to guarantee they come out perfect each and every time. So, consider your appliance choices carefully, and consider picking from the ones discussed above to help ensure that both the time you spend in your kitchen and the food you prepare is amazing.

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