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12 Best Building Materials for All Types of Weather

12 Best Building Materials for All Types of Weather

12 Best Building Materials for All Types of Weather

New construction is an excellent option if you’re in the market for a new home. Unlike a fixer-upper, new construction is entirely move-in ready, designed and built to modern trends and standards, and can be customized to your specific tastes and needs. The benefits of a new construction home go on and on.
However, if you are new to this type of homebuying, you may have many questions. Maybe you’re wondering who the best custom home builder in San Clemente is. Or perhaps you want to know the best material to build a house. Eddie Hodges with Opulent Design Build has more than 20 years of home-building experience and is here to share the best building materials for all types of weather.

1. Concrete

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An excellent material for foundations, concrete is a solid and durable material suitable for any climate or weather. Concrete reinforced with rebar will resist pressure, stress, water, and any kind of expansion or contraction that comes with weather changes. Concrete is readily available nearly anywhere and can be used in many different applications, including slab foundation, framing, walls, outdoor hardscapes, and even interior finishes like flooring or countertops.

2. Wood

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Wood has a long history in construction for a reason. It is a solid building material for everything from the framing of your home to your siding and interior. Wood does not readily conduct heat, so it is resilient in climates with wide temperature swings. It can be reinforced even further with metal, concrete, or treatments that help prevent moisture damage. You can also change the appearance of wood with stain or paint.

3. Vinyl siding

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If excessive moisture has you skeptical of wood siding, vinyl is a great alternative. It can look similar to painted wood while being almost entirely water-resistant.

4. Cement fiber siding

Yet another option for siding that resists fire, moisture, and impact is cement fiber siding. In addition to its durability, cement fiber siding has many styles and applications, such as shingles, lap siding, or architectural panels.

5. Vinyl flooring

Another attractive and weather-resistant application for vinyl material is flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring has come a long way since its creation and is now a nearly indistinguishable alternative to wood flooring. On top of being a more affordable alternative to wood flooring, vinyl flooring is very durable. Vinyl flooring will hold up perfectly to children and pets tracking in sand, mud, water, or whatever the elements throw at you.

6. Metal roofing

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Back to the exterior materials, metal roofing is stylish and durable in all types of weather. Metal roofing is an excellent option if you have concerns about hail or snow buildup, though such storms are exceedingly rare in the areas we service. Metal roofing is also a great way to achieve a modern farmhouse look.

7. Fire-resistant roofing

For many Southern Californians, wildfire is on the radar. If this concerns you, multiple consider fire-resistant roof materials to protect your home and family. The top-rated materials for fireproofing include concrete, asphalt fiberglass composition shingles, or flat/barrel-shaped tiles. In addition to peace of mind, fire-resistant roofing can also have insurance benefits.

8. Windows

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Windows can be made with glass, frames, or an added film that prevents shattering that can occur during a fire or other extreme weather events. The type of window you choose is also critical to upping your home’s energy efficiency.

9. Stone

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Stone is a commonly used building material that holds up very well to almost any extreme weather event. It’s also a very stylish material with wide varieties and styles. Stone can be used on your home’s exterior and interior to provide integrity and a beautiful aesthetic.

10. Moisture-resistant insulation

Insulation may not be the sexiest or most noticeable material, but it is an imperative component of your home. Insulation creates a comfortable environment inside your home and increases your energy efficiency. Homeowners may consider moisture-resistant insulation in climates with high moisture from storms or humidity. Unlike typical fiber insulation (think fluffy orange/pink material), moisture-resistant insulation is a more foam-like material that wears better in high-moisture climates.

11. Waterproof garage flooring

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The garage is an easily forgotten space of the house. However, many homeowners store valuable or priceless possessions like family heirlooms and cars in their garages. Adding a waterproof material on top of the typical cement garage floor can add additional protection for all types of weather. A material like epoxy resin can be both durable and stylish. This is also a great flooring addition for homeowners who use their garage for multiple applications, such as a home gym.

12. Solar panels

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Homebuyers in California are subject to legislation mandating newly constructed homes up to three stories high be built with solar panels. Typically mounted on the roof, these panels help reduce reliance on the electric grid while generating clean and renewable energy. Depending on the size of the system, you could generate income from it. There are several possible arrangements for owning or leasing residential solar equipment. You can add battery systems to reduce reliance on the traditional electric grid. Today’s panels are very sleek and hardly noticeable.

Let’s build your dream home!

We’ve given you a lot to think about regarding what materials you choose to construct your next home. Your priorities in building materials will depend on your specific concerns, needs, taste, and climate of your home. Eddie Hodges and his team at HomeOpulent Design Build are well-experienced and ready to answer all your questions and build your dream home. HomeReach out today and start reaping the benefits of a high-tier luxury construction firm.

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