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Spatial Planning | Newport Beach, CA

Spatial Planning | Newport Beach, CA

Spatial Planning | Newport Beach, CA

Using Spatial Planning in Home Construction and Remodeling

When you work with Opulent, one of the first steps in the process is developing a spatial plan. The plan will show you what your space will look like post-construction. Once spatial planning is completed, drawings and 3D renderings are created to provide detailed illustrations of what your home will look like. Additionally, when you make changes at this stage, you can get an accurate depiction of how tweaks will affect the layout, style, and budget. 
Spatial planning is a great tool as it takes a great deal of the guesswork out of the picture, making you feel more confident in your design decisions. As you start planning, keep these things in mind:


Optimize your home’s square footage by removing walls or moving large utilities to achieve an open floor plan. For certain utility items that cannot be moved, find ways to build around them by adding closets and nooks. Good spatial planning and design should overcome any obstacle and maximize the space.


During planning, we will map out your home’s layout to include natural light through large windows and bi-fold doors. Additionally, we will configure the layout using light fixtures such as chandeliers and pendants to clearly mark room transitions. For example, a pendant may be used over the kitchen island while a chandelier may be used over the dining room table to clearly define the different areas.

Focal Features

What’s something unique about your home? For example, does your home have beautiful built-in cabinetry? If so, think about how this could become the focal point of your home’s design and plan around it. On the flip side, if your home currently doesn’t boast any unique features, now is the time to add them. Through spatial planning, you can see how something such as built-in cabinets could really enhance your new space.

Family Needs

Are there certain areas in the home where your family spends a great deal of time? Kitchens tend to be the central hub for gathering, so use this opportunity to shift the layout to make more room for family activities such as cooking and playing. Additionally, give your family generous-sized pathways for walking and performing these activities. For example, spaces near high-traffic areas, such as the stove and the sink, should be widened to allow ample space for movement. 

The Design-Build Team You Can Trust

Opulent Design Build has been Orange County’s premier trusted design-build team for over 20 years. We take the complicated process of home design, building and remodeling and make it an experience that you will love! Opulent will personally handle every aspect of the design, permitting and construction project process, making us your choice one-stop design-build company.  For your free consultation, message us or give us a call at Click To Call949-340-0915.
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