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Innovation in Design | Newport Coast, CA

Innovation in Design | Newport Coast, CA

Innovation in Design | Newport Coast, CA

Innovation in Your Home’s Design

We’ve seen many styles come and go back over the years of home building, but one thing always remains cutting edge – technology. As home design evolves, we get to explore incorporating more and more technology into our homes. Integrating smart technology into home design will simplify your life and ultimately, save you money! Learn more about the latest technology in home design and what to consider as you think about your next home.

Why Technology and Function Is Important in Home Design

Creative, modern, and elegant design elements are important to a home. However, your style and taste change over time. When designing your home, focus on technology and function first, and then focus on the interior design elements. Why? It’s easier to update certain design elements like fixtures, paint color, and flooring, but making major technology updates may be more challenging!

Innovation in Smart Home Technology

The right technology will simplify your life, give you control of your home’s features, and save you money. Tools like being able to make sure the stove is off when you’ve left the house, changing the thermostat, controlling your lighting with an app on your phone, and the ability to see your home’s energy efficiency all provide you a modern, streamlined home environment.
When building your smart home, consider appliances that simplify your life. Order groceries online from your refrigerator, change your oven settings using voice control, install ceiling fans that can sense when someone walks in and out of the room. Consider having a projector that lowers upon clicking a button or voice command instead of a traditional TV.  In the bathroom you have options to control your shower length and temperature using digital controls. And if you like to be connected at all times, there are even bathroom mirrors that offer WiFi.

Protecting What Matters Most

Creating a smart home will help you simplify your life, increase your home’s overall value, and protect what matters most! Smart home technology allows you to ensure your home is safe and secure at all times. 
With the touch of your phone, you can access your home’s security to see who is at the front door, check your security cameras, and make sure all doors are locked. Going away for a while? Your smart home can even tell you if there’s a leak in your plumbing system!
You’ll never have to worry about your home whether you’re there or away again. 

The Future Is Now With Smart Home Technology

Certain technologies are starting to become standard in new construction homes, but make sure you sit down with your design-build team to discuss which technologies are right for you.  As we shared earlier, changing paint colors, decorative pieces, and fixtures is easy, but having the right smart home technology will pay off dividends for many years. 

Your Trusted Orange County Design-Build Team

Our team stays on the cutting edge of smart home technology and advances so that our clients always have the latest home design innovations. We’re happy to discuss your future home project through a free consultation. During this initial meeting, we simply learn more about you and what you’re looking to accomplish. Schedule your consultation by sending us a message or calling us at Click To Call949-340-0915.
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