Home Office | Laguna Beach, CA

Home Office | Laguna Beach, CA

  • Bryan Miranda
  • 09/8/20

Designing Your Perfect Home Office and Storage Solutions

As daily routines continue to change amidst the pandemic, many companies are implementing strategies to keep their employees safe by having them work from home. With remote work becoming the new norm, you may have realized that a dedicated home office is no longer a desire, but a necessity. And while a home office is important, who’s to say you can’t re-purpose it to check off even more things on your list? Think about how this space could be designed to include a dedicated learning station for your child or closets to store things such as seasonal décor. As a homeowner, you should feel empowered to change the design of your home to address the needs of your family.

Designing Your Home Office and Study Space

Prior to the pandemic, many companies had already adopted work-from-home policies and schedules to allow employees flexibility. Unfortunately, most people who work remotely were never properly set up to perform at their best. A home office should be an extension of your personality that lets ideas and creativity flow, while providing the perfect space for productivity. 

You might also have a new little office-mate, your child, who needs space to learn while continuing classes online. Luckily, a win-win situation is achievable for both of you using natural dividers or sound blockers to provide necessary privacy. And, if your property allows it, you may want to consider an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) for your home office – giving you the ultimate work-life balance. 

Holiday Storage Solutions

Now that you’ve nailed down the design details of your office, don’t overlook the hidden potential in your office and throughout your house for areas to build additional storage. As the holidays approach, be sure your new space includes plenty of closets, nooks, and cabinets to hold your holiday decorations or specialty cookware. Large closets can be used to store bins of holiday lights, decorations and even your Christmas tree. It's the perfect way to stay organized and hide the clutter.

Your Orange County Design-Build Team 

As you begin thinking about a home office space, don’t settle for just a room with a desk and a chair, but rather think of all the potential that could come along with it.  At Opulent Design Build, we create your space with you in mind. We start by finding out what you want to achieve and build our plans around your vision. If you’re ready to create that perfect space for work and virtual learning, we can help.  For your free consultation, message us or give us a call at 949-340-0915.

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